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April 12, 2011

Chevy Cruze Recalled After Steering Wheel Falls Off

Chevrolet is recalling over 2,000 of its popular Cruze model compact cars because of a potential problem with the steering wheel column that could result in the steering wheel literally coming off in the driver's hands. It happened to one Cruze driver recently. Thankfully, no car accident or injuries resulted. But the single incident did initiate the recall of 2,100 model year 2011 Cruze vehicles, since once is enough when it comes to a steering wheel falling into a driver's lap (it's right up there with a gas pedal getting stuck).

According to the NHTSA recall database, the problem is that some steering wheels may have been improperly fastened during manufacturing, and could separate from the steering column. General Motors (which owns Chevrolet) says that GM and Chevrolet dealers will inspect (free of charge) the steering wheel and steering column of affected Cruze models to ensure proper assembly. If you own a Cruze vehicle that's being recalled, you'll likely be hearing from GM or your dealer soon, if you haven't been contacted already. You can also get in touch with Chevrolet directly at 1-800-630-2438 or visit GM's website for car owners.

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